Ate de Jong


Ate de Jong was born in 1953. He studied at the Film Academy of Amsterdam from 1970 to 1974 where he also studied philosophy. From 1976 to 1986, he directed six feature films in the Netherlands including A Flight of Rainbirds, Burning Love and Shadow of Victory.

After moving to Hollywood in 1986, Ate’s first directing assignment was an episode of Miami Vice. He later directed two US feature films: Highway to Hell and Drop Dead Fred. Since 1994, he has been working out of London. Ate most notably directed the European co-production All Men Are Mortal based on the book by Simone de Beauvoir and the sexy thriller Fogbound. He produced international pictures like Left Luggage and The Discovery Of Heaven.

As of 2008, Ate lives in Amsterdam again. He became Intendant at the Dutch Filmfund and Acting Director of The Binger Filmlab. From September 2010 onwards, he has returned to producing and directing and has made three features since in the UK.