A Grain of Truth


Philadelphia Premiere
Sunday, November 6
 4:00 PM
The Gershman Y

Director: Borys Lankosz
Genre: Narrative Feature
Country: Poland
Year: 2015
Running Time: 112 min
Languages: English and Polish w/ English subtitles

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Teodor Szacki (Polish Academy Award-winning actor Robert Więckiewicz), once a star prosecutor in Warsaw, leaves his career and marriage behind to start life anew in a sleepy tourist town in southeastern Poland. Not long after arriving in Sandomierz, Teodor discovers that his new home has a centuries-old history of anti-Semitic atrocities.

Seen as an outsider by the town’s close-knit community, even Teodor faces suspicion when tasked to get to the bottom of the brutal murder of a well-known social activist, whose nude mutilated body was found outside a former synagogue. As the trail of victims grows, and the killer remains elusive, clues lead Teodor down a forensic wormhole connecting the ghastly murders to historic myths of blood libel. Aided by a veteran police detective (Jerzy Trela), a reluctant female prosecutor (Magdalena Walach), and a local rabbi (Zohar Strauss), Teodor must solve the mystifying case before public and media hysteria undo all the progress the country has made in shedding its xenophobic past.

Based on the bestselling novel by Polish author Zygmunt Miłoszewski and directed by Borys Lankosz, A GRAIN OF TRUTH is a masterfully constructed whodunit that pits the forces of enlightenment against monstrous primeval superstitions.

Guest Speaker: Malgorzata Bakalarz, Ph.D. candidate at The New School for Social Research

Sponsor: Susanna Lachs Adler and Dean Adler

Awards and Honors: Official Selection of Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, Hamburg Film Festival, and Toronto Jewish  Film Festival

Subjects: Anti-Semitism, blood libel, collective memory, murder, nationalism, Poland, the Polish media, superstition

For Fans Of: Crime dramas, movie adaptations, Poland, Polish cinema, thrillers, suspenseful movies, Zygmunt Miloszewski

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