Facing The Wall


Philadelphia Premierefacing-the-wall-hr-pic-1
Sunday, November 6
 11:00 AM
Bryn Mawr Film Institute

Director: Alamork Marsha
Genre: Narrative Short
Country: Israel and Ehtiopia
Year: 2016
Running Time: 26 min
Language: Amharic w/ English subtitles

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FACING THE WALL follows an Ethiopian teenage girl as she struggles to reconcile losing her first love after immigrating to Israel with her family.

After waking up in an Israeli absorption center, 14-year-old Surni feels empty and powerless knowing she will never see the boy she loves again. Surni’s mother, Mulu, watches her daughter attempt to shut out reality by refusing to come out from under her bed sheets, get dressed, or even communicate with her family. Overcoming her own frustrations, Mulu helps Surni say goodbye to the world that they left behind.

[Screened with MUSSA]

Awards and Honors: Winner of the Van Leer Award for Best Short Film at the 2016 Jerusalem International Film Festival