What Do We Have In Our Pockets?


A Selection of Short Films Based on Etgar Keret’s Short Stories

Date: Tuesday, November 4, 7 pm
Location: The Gershman Y
Running Time: 60 min
Premiere Status: Philadelphia Premiere

pocketsEtgar Keret, master of the short story, has had his work adapted for several short films. The Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival is pleased to present a program of shorts by and based on Keret’s works to complement his attendance at the Festival.

Goldfish tells a magical tale about a documentary filmmaker and his unusual encounter with a talking goldfish. A Knock at the Door is a wry adaptation of a Keret story about, well, storytelling. In Siren, a teenager gets embroiled in a tense situation at school that turns surreal in a way only Keret could invent. And, in What About Me? Keret directs the story of a man who asks the title question.

In addition, three different interpretations of Keret’s short story What Do We Have In Our Pockets? will be screened. The first is an animated short about the objects we collect and what they mean to us; the second, a live-action
Israeli take on the theme directed by Keret’s wife, Shira Geffen; and the third, a live-action British interpretation.

Special Guests: Director Jonah Bleicher (Siren) and Ranen Omer-Sherman, author and Chair of Judaic Studies, University of Louisville

Sponsored By: Elaine Lindy

USA | 2013 | 11 min
Director: Mathieu YoungWHAT DO WE HAVE IN OUR POCKETS?
USA | 2013 | 4 min
Director: Goran DukicA KNOCK AT THE DOOR
Israel | 2013 | 10 min
Director: Eliran Elya

Israel | 2012 | 5 min
Director: Shira Geffen

USA, Israel, France | 2013 | 20 min
Director: Jonah BleicherWHAT DO WE HAVE IN OUR POCKETS?
Israel | 2012 | 6 min
Directors: Yoni Bentovim & Emily HarrisWHAT ABOUT ME?
Israel | 2008 | 4 min
Directors: Etgar Keret, Shira Geffen