Rock the Casbah

Director: Yariv Horowitz
Writers: Yariv Horowitz | Guy Meirson
Genre: Drama
Countries: Israel | France
Year: 2012
Running Time: 95 min
Language: Hebrew | Arabic | Russian with English subtitles
Date: Sunday, November 3, 7 pm
Location: Ambler Theater
Premiere Status: Ambler Premiere
Special Guest:
Actor Yotam Ishay


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The year is 1989. With the First Intifada raging, the State of Israel sends young soldiers to oversee the Arab population in Gaza. When an Israeli soldier is killed by a washing machine pushed from a neighboring roof, the fate of four young soldiers and one Palestinian family is sealed. ROCK THE CASBAH is a riveting exploration of the hell of war, and one of the first Israeli films to realistically portray the conflicted experiences of IDF soldiers stationed in the Occupied Territories during this time. Winner of the International Confederation of Art Cinemas Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, this edgy and compelling first feature by Yariv Horowitz is based on the director’s own experience as a young military photographer in the West Bank.

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