Philadelphia Premiere
Thursday, November 17
7:30 PM
Ritz East

Director: Job Gosschalk
Genre: Narrative Feature
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2016
Running Time: 91 min
Language: Dutch w/ English subtitles

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Meet MOOS – if Barbra Streisand and Lena Dunham had a love child, she’d be it.

Trapped between wanting to care for her grieving father and having a life of her own, Moos desperately wants to become a theater star. But instead of rehearsing curtain calls, Moos spends her days singing into her steam iron while helping out with the family textile business. That is, until Sam, her childhood best friend, returns home from serving in the Israeli army.

With Sam in need of a place to work, Moos finally has the chance to break free from familial demands and to apply to university, where she plans to study musical theater and advance her singing career. The trouble is, without prior professional training, Moos is far from making the cut. With her best-laid plans at a standstill, two illicit love affairs on the horizon, and escalating tension at home, Moos’ life has never been this complicated or this exciting.

Special Event: Post-film Happy Hour at The Little Lion Restaurant (243 Chestnut Street, upstairs space) with appetizer and drink specials

Guest Speaker: Jip Smit, Actor of film

Sponsor: The Djerassi Foundation in loving memory of Izi

Film Trailer:

Subjects: Aging, childhood crushes, family, friendship, having dreams, life in your early twenties, passion, romance, secrets

For Fans Of: Family dramas, GIRLS, indie filmmaking, rom-coms

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