Andrew J. Douglas


Andrew became the first director of education at Bryn Mawr Film Institute (BMFI), a non-profit cinema arts center, in July 2005. Since then, he has developed the organization’s educational offerings, which now include programs for school groups and various community organizations, a summer filmmaking workshop for high school students, and a film studies curriculum offered at BMFI and the Philadelphia Museum of Art for students of all ages that has presented nearly 200 distinct courses, series, and seminars on a range of topics. In all, BMFI educates more than 3000 people about film each year.

Andrew earned a Ph.D. in Film Studies from Northwestern University and has presented lectures to a range of institutions, including the Philadelphia Orchestra, Yale University, and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. He has written for the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television and Film International, among other publications, and served as a scholarly advisor on the documentary film By Sidney Lumet.