Ben-Gurion, Epilogue


Date: Sunday, November 5
 2:00 PM
Gratz College

Director: Yariv Mozer
Genre: Documentary Feature
Country: Israel, France, Germany
Year: 2016
Running Time: 61 min
Language: English and Hebrew with English subtitles

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“What is normal life? The normal life was abnormal life.” These are the words of Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, a man whose political career shook the world stage and forever changed the course of Jewish history. BEN-GURION, EPILOGUE offers an in-depth, unfiltered look at the incredible man behind the myth.

Director Yariv Mozer seamlessly blends never-before-seen footage from a 1968 interview conducted with the former prime minister in his desert home. Photographs, newsreels, and other archival materials reveal Ben-Gurion as the young, burgeoning Zionist he once was and chart the unassuming elder statesman’s ascent. Compiled from six hours of detailed conversations with the then 82-year-old founder of Israel, the film reels languished for decades in the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive in Jerusalem before they were synced with their corresponding audio tracks later found in the Ben-Gurion Archives in the Negev by the director.

In this beautifully executed and revelatory documentary, Ben-Gurion expresses his great love for the state of Israel, his frustrations over Israel’s shortcomings, and his hopes for what the country might one day become. In addition to providing a compelling commentary on Israeli politics, Mozer’s film leads viewers to contemplate not only what the existence of Israel means to Jews, but what it means to be a Jew today.

Special Guests: Dr. Jerry M. Kutnick, former Dean for Academic Affairs at Gratz College; Expert on American Jewry and American Zionism.


For Fans of: David Ben-Gurion, documentaries, Israeli history, Israeli politics, Jewish history, Jewish life, Steven Spielberg

Official Selection: Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Toronto Jewish Film Festival, and Washington Jewish Film Festival

Reviews: “An invaluable historical document…essential viewing for anyone interested in Israeli history.” (Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter)

“Watching “Epilogue,” you think: What a difference half a century makes.” (Owen Gleiberman, Variety)

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