CUBOID.LIVE is a physical manifestation of social media interactivity and its effects on individuals and communities. The ecosystem of the CUBOID.LIVE is reminiscent of how we live our lives, navigating the complex relationships we are forced to participate in through our digital and physical selves. Our moods are heavily influenced by social media, translating how we treat those around us, and how they view us back through the lens of the many profiles we project. CUBOID is traveling the world, collecting data from each “profile” it exists within, eventually developing big data analyses about online and offline actions and reactions of places it inhabits, while leaving digital traces through Facebook Live.

About the Artist

It was a chilly afternoon in Smolensk, Russia when a tiny, curly-haired girl named Julia was born. Six years later, she found herself in the gorgeous Northwest with a camera attached to her hip, constantly marveling at magic seen through the lens. With a BFA in Digital Arts & Experimental Media, Julia has lead creative in the realm of still, moving, and experiential content both in small and large teams across the world. She has a menagerie and loves to cook healthy food. Julia is currently the Visual Art Director of Borealis, New Media Artist/Curator, and a Sr. Art Director at Amazon developing experiential & cross-channel content for Partner Ads.