Dimona Twist


Philadelphia Premiere
: Wednesday, November 8
Time: 7:00 PM
: Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El

Director: Michal Aviad
Genre: Documentary Feature
Country: Israel
Year: 2016
Running Time: 71 min
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

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In DIMONA TWIST, we meet seven young women who immigrated from Casablanca and other vibrant cities in the Middle East and Eastern Europe to the still nascent Israel of the late 1950s and 60s. Obliged to settle in Dimona, they were surprised to find that the “burgeoning frontier city” they were told of was no more than a desolate desert in the Negev.

Through intimate interviews and archival imagery, this enchanting and insightful documentary by award-winning filmmaker Michal Aviad (Director of PJFF alumnus Invisible) creates space for these women to share their unique experiences as some of the fledgling state’s earliest citizens. Recounting memories of their childhood, adolescence, and the better part of their adult lives, the women speak candidly on a wide variety of subjects – from their first impressions of the homeland to feminism and French cuisine. We observe these women’s sorrow and sense of humor as they describe the difficulties they experienced in leaving their homes and adjusting to a new reality, all while attempting to build rich and meaningful lives for themselves and their families.

Special Guests: Eddie Ashkenazie, Research Coordinator for Diarna: The Geo-Museum of Jewish Life in the Middle East and North Africa; Devorah Selber.


For Fans of: Dimona, documentaries, foreign cinema, Israeli cinema, Israeli history, memoirs, Michal Aviad, women’s rights

Official Selection: Jerusalem Film Festival and New York Jewish Film Festival

Awards: Van Leer Group Foundation Award for Best Israeli Documentary at Jerusalem Film Festival

Reviews: “Marvelous movie… Dimona Twist is truly a unique esthetic experience. An alternative feminist pillar of fire.” (Professor Yossi Dahan, The Jewish Pluralist)

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