Élise Otzenberger


Élise Otzenberger started her career acting for classical theater and starred in her first film, Gérard Jugnot’s Most Promising Young Actress (Meilleur espoir féminin) in 2000. She has continued to evolve between classical plays and more modern comedies for the stage while shooting for films and TV series such as Man’s Gentle Love (Le doux amour des hommes) (2002), Après Vous (2003),The Jungle (La jungle) (2006), Off Prime (2007-8), Agathe Cléry (2008), Cyprien (2009), Humans (Humains) (2009), Sisters (Gamines) (2009), and Love and Bruises (2011).

In 2006, she also wrote and directed her first one-woman show, My Hollywood…Dear Mr. Spielberg, and then continued working as a screenwriter for TV and films.

My Polish Honeymoon (2018) is her first film as a director.