Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story


Spotlight Film

Sunday, November 10, 2019
7 PM @ Free Library of Philadelphia (1901 Vine St)

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Director: Stephane Kaas and Rutger Lemm
Genre: Documentary Feature
Country: France/Israel/Netherlands/USA
Year: 2017
Running Time: 1 hr 7 min
Language: English

Board Sponsored by: Debra Felman and David Warshal

Philadelphia Premiere
In this delightful hybrid documentary, two young Dutch filmmakers blur the lines between fantasy and reality to illuminate the extraordinary inner world of their literary hero — Israeli writer Etgar Keret. Beloved and renowned for his uniquely surreal and humorous writing style, Keret creates work that deeply affects readers in only a few pages. His uncanny ability to transform experiences of human trauma into highly relatable, bite-sized nuggets of literary gold is just one of the reasons his short stories have garnered international acclaim and been translated into 37 languages.

In seeking to explore the ideas, people, and places that helped shape Keret’s distinct point of view, the film delves deep into his past and the memories that have earned a second life in his fiction and oral storytelling. Featuring intimate interviews with family members and special guests like Ira Glass (host of This American Life) and author Jonathan Safran Foer (Everything Is Illuminated), as well as a smattering of mixed-media detours, animated versions of his much-loved stories, and charming reenactments of his most memorable anecdotes, ETGAR KERET: BASED ON A TRUE STORY offers unique insight and context for why Keret believes storytelling is essential to his survival.

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Official Selection:

  • Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
  • Boston Jewish Film Festival
  • New York Jewish Film Festival
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival

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