Broken Mirrors

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November 17—8:00 pm - November 19—8:00 pm

Broken Mirrors

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November 17—8:00 pm
November 19—8:00 pm
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Narrative Feature
Running Time
104 min
Hebrew with English Subtitles
General Admission $15
Genre: Narrative Feature
Year: 2018
Running Time: 104 min
Language: Hebrew with English Subtitles

Breakthrough Star: Shira Haas
Streaming 48 Hours

It is not surprising that Shira Haas earned a Best Actress nomination for her role in BROKEN MIRRORS at the Israeli Film Academy’s Ophir Awards. When one of the film’s co-directors, Imri Matalon, was interviewed by The Jewish Journal, he admitted to auditioning over 100 actresses for the role. However, upon seeing Haas, it was clear that Shira was meant to play Ariella. Calling the young actress “a force of nature,” Matalon likened working with Shira to “a gift for every director.”

Ariella’s father (Yiftach Klein) is not the type to let things go. An army commander who values discipline and order, his punishment for disobeying his strict code of conduct sometimes feels much harsher than necessary. He is particularly hard on Ariella, his elder daughter, a typical Israeli teen who has grown more rebellious with age. However, when she demonstrates a severe lapse in judgment and accidentally puts her mother’s life at risk, her father refrains from disciplining his daughter. Considering Ariella’s guilt for having done what she did penalty enough, he insists that she use the moment to self-reflect and change her behavior. Of course, when Ariella, ridden with guilt and nearly deplete of self-worth, realizes her father does not intend to punish her, she runs off to look for ways to punish herself.

It is easy to see why a film about the importance of forgiveness has never been more relevant or why Shira had been so drawn to Ariella’s story. The Emmy-nominated actress told journalists that the film has always stayed with her, particularly “the subject of how our actions and words affect the people around us.” As society continues to fracture and people face an evermore divided reality, BROKEN MIRRORS may reflect our current moment better than any other film in this season’s lineup.

PLEASE NOTE: Accessible to Residents of PA, NJ & DE Only
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