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November 19 | 8:00 pm November 21 | 8:00 pm

Shiva Baby

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November 19 | 8:00 pm
November 21 | 8:00 pm
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Narrative Feature
Running Time
77 min
General Admission $15
Open to PA residents only
Streaming On Demand for 48 hours
Genre: Narrative Feature
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running Time: 77 min
Language: English

Featuring Rising Star Rachel Sennott
Directed by Emma Seligman

Philadelphia Premiere
Emma Seligman’s sharp-witted and hilarious directorial debut will assure you never think of a shiva the same way again.

Twentysomething Danielle (GPJFF “Rising Star” Rachel Sennott) is too busy keeping track of her trail of lies to check in with her old friend Maya (Molly Gordon). Fortunately, both girls will have plenty of time to catch up when they are unexpectedly reunited at a family shiva. However, with more than one unexpected reunion afoot, Danielle, who is usually well-versed in keeping up appearances, is about to lose it. If only her overbearing mother and boundaryless relatives could lay off about her looking so thin or Maya could quit quipping about her perpetual student status or inability to choose a path and stick to it. Perhaps then, Danielle would finally have time to eat a bagel or emotionally process the fact that the man she is currently sleeping with for money is talking up her parents across the hall.

Biting, tender, and unapologetically fun, we’re not sure if SHIVA BABY is a refreshing palette cleanser or a full-on steamy shower. Either way, we hope this isn’t the last time Seligman and Sennot pair up to make us laugh and experience loads of discomfort!

Join us after the film for a discussion with director Emma Seligman & Star Rachel Sennott on Thursday, November 19 at 9:45 PM EST.


  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
  • Toronto International Film Festival

PLEASE NOTE: Accessible to Residents of PA Only
Ticket buyers will receive a private link to the film after purchase which will activate November 19 at start time.

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