The End of Love

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November 11—8:00 pm - November 13—8:00 pm

The End of Love

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November 11—8:00 pm
November 13—8:00 pm
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Narrative Feature
Running Time
90 min
French, Hebrew and English with English Subtitles
General Admission $15
Genre: Narrative Feature
Year: 2019
Running Time: 90 min
Language: French, Hebrew and English with English Subtitles

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They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. That is certainly the case for Julie (Judith Chemla, My Polish Honeymoon) and Yuval (Arieh Worthalter, Girl), a recently married Parisian couple with a gorgeous baby boy. However, everyone knows that no relationship exists without its problems. Julie and Yuval’s marriage is no exception. With Julie in Paris – juggling a kid, a job, and poor excuse for a social life – and Yuval in Israel – surrounded by old friends and family awaiting his visa renewal – the whole long-distance thing hasn’t been easy. At first, chatting day and night through Skype manages to keep the couple feeling connected. Nonetheless, once the novelty of spending every waking moment together on a laptop or phone wears off, the couple is inevitably left to ponder whether one’s love for the other is strong enough to weather yet another storm.

Shot entirely through Julie and Yuval’s digital devices, THE END OF LOVE couldn’t be more apropos for the COVID age. Directed by Keren Ben Rafael (Virgins), this thoughtful and engaging indie film not only explores the highs and lows of long-distance communication but authentically demonstrates the emotional toll of having to navigate one’s life and relationships predominantly through screens.


  • Venice International Film Festival

PLEASE NOTE: Accessible to Residents of PA Only
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