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November 17—5:00 pm - November 19—5:00 pm


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November 17—5:00 pm
November 19—5:00 pm
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Documentary Feature
Running Time
103 min
Hebrew and English with English subtitles
General Admission $15
Genre: Documentary Feature
Year: 2019
Running Time: 103 min
Language: Hebrew and English with English subtitles

Streaming 48 Hours

While LGBTQ issues are more widely represented on screen and in the media than perhaps a decade ago, the fight for equality, representation, and fair treatment for these communities is far from over. Filmed over four years, in TRANSKIDS, director Hilla Medalia (Leftover Women) follows four extraordinary teenagers, each navigating the highs and lows of transitioning.

Noam was born to a religious family in the West Bank. Though his parents accepted his transition, he still feels misunderstood sometimes. Ofri, transitioning to male, had always been thought of as a “tomboy” in school. Now he looks forward to enlisting in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Romy, transitioning to female, is a social media influencer and aspiring model. Her father, now incarcerated, had not had the chance to see Romy before her transition. Liron, transitioning to male, determines he will extract his eggs and is currently considering enlisting in the IDF.

What is it like to grow up in a body that feels like it doesn’t belong to you? This fascinating and informative doc explores this complex question through intimate and frank conversations with the subjects and their families. For parents and siblings of transgender youth, the film may also serve as a valuable primer on the challenges faced by their loved ones before and after making their transitions.


  • Miami Jewish Film Festival
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival

PLEASE NOTE: Accessible to Residents of PA, NJ & DE Only
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