Little White Lie

Director: Lacey Schwartz
Genre: Documentary Feature
Country: USA
Year: 2014
Running Time: 65 min
Language: English
Date: Sunday, September 28, 3 PM
The Gershman Y
Festivals & Awards: Audience Award and
Producer’s Award, Martha’s Vineyard
African-American Film Festival
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OUTSIDETHEBO_1-1_PIX017 smallerSince childhood, Lacey Schwartz knew she was different: her dark complexion set her apart from the rest of her family, as did her boisterous, black curls. But it wasn’t until her freshman year at Georgetown University that she began to understand why. Growing up, her parents never spoke about her origins, and Schwartz had no reason to think of herself as anything but white. In Little White Lie, the filmmaker bravely pulls back the curtain on her family secrets, raising larger questions through the frank and sometimes raw conversations with family and friends. In this deeply personal and riveting exploration of bi-racial identity, Schwartz asks: What makes us who we are? And how do we rebuild our identities after learning that the assumptions underlying them are false?

Special Guests: Director Lacey Schwartz in conversation with Dr. Elliot Ratzman, Associate Professor, Temple University and PJFF Committee Member

Community Partner: Operation Understanding, The African American Museum in Philadelphia