Fleming Meeks


Fleming Meeks is an award-winning financial writer and editor whose extensive interviews with Hedy Lamarr, for a 1990 article in Forbes magazine, form the backbone of Bombshell.

Meeks recently stepped down as Executive Editor of Barron’s after an 18-year run at Dow Jones. He also worked for Money and SmartMoney magazines over the course of his 30-year magazine career. Meeks is now an independent consultant advising publicly traded companies on media relations. He is also a poet whose work has appeared in the Yale Review, the American Poetry Review and the Kenyon Review Online.

Meeks was born in South Carolina, grew up in Georgia and Massachusetts, attended college in Vermont, and has lived and worked in New York (and New Jersey) for 38 years. His 94-year-old mother, a native South Carolinian, was unsurprised to hear him say “Yes, ma’am” twice to Miss. Lamarr during the course of the movie. “Of course you did,” she said.