Germans & Jews


Philadelphia Premiere
Tuesday, November 15
7:30 PM
The Gershman Y

Director: Janina Quint
Genre: Documentary Feature
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Running Time: 76 min
Language: English and German w/ English subtitles

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Considered among the most democratic societies in the world, Germany is home to Europe’s fastest growing Jewish population. In fact, about half of the 200,000 Jews who reside in Germany today – making up .2% of its total population – are Israelis who have obtained German passports or work visas. So what’s it like being Jewish in a country with such a harrowing Jewish past? That’s exactly what filmmaker Janina Quint and producer Tal Recanati set out to discover.

Amassing personal stories from German Jews and non-Jewish Germans, Israelis, and German-Jewish Americans, Quint and Recanati offer viewers a non-judgmental window into modern-day Germany and uncover a broad spectrum of perspectives. Touching on the effects of post-Holocaust guilt in East and West Germany, the film reveals Germany’s multifaceted social structure and its efforts against anti-Semitism and antisocialist sentiment. Quint and Recanati have a stake in their story and recognize the need to bring these uncomfortable yet necessary conversations out from the privacy of German living rooms and offices into the public sphere. What begins as a dialogue between two friends quickly grows into an insightful and evocative documentary that beautifully captures Germany’s attempts toward reconciliation and transformation.

Guest Speakers: Noah Isenberg (Moderator), Professor of Culture and Media at New School’s Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts; Nitzan Lebovic, Associate Professor of History and Apter Chair of Holocaust Studies and Ethical Values at Lehigh University; Tal Recanati, Producer of film

Sponsors: Friends of Dick Kanter (Margaret Barry and Jeff Abrams, Michael and Ellen Singer Coleman, Christine V. Kanter, Mary and Justin Klein, Cindi and Bob Olsman, Ellyn C. Phillips, Melanie and Lewis Sharps, Betsy and Richard Sheerr) & Joseph and Renee Zuritsky/Parkway Corporation

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Awards and Honors: Official Selection of the Greenwich International Film Festival and San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Subjects: Anti-Semitism, dialogue, Germans, Germany, German Jews, German culture, German history, Holocaust, identity, Jewish culture, memory

For Fans Of: Documentaries, female directors, Germany and Judaism, Germanic culture and history

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