Jewish New Media Festival


Jewish New Media Festival

December 7 – 8, 2019
National Museum of American Jewish History

Presenting Sponsor: Elaine Lindy
Major Sponsor: National Museum of American Jewish History
Signature Sponsor: Penn Cinema & Media Studies
Sponsor: Judy Finkel, PH D. — NMAJH Internship Program
New Media Contributor: Robbi and Robert Strauss

$25 | Saturday Festival Pass
$35 | Sunday Festival Pass
$50 | Two-Day Festival Pass

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The nation’s first festival dedicated to sharing, celebrating, and exploring Jewish storytelling in the digital-global age!

This weekend-long festival will bring together the works of established and emerging New Media artists, media producers, and thinkers for two days of exploration, connection, and innovation at the National Museum of American Jewish History.

Festival Lineup

Saturday, December 7

  • 5 PM | Opening Exhibition and Reception for VIRTUAL BODIES // the world to come (Curated by Julia Bruk)
  • 5:30 – 6:30 PM | Keynote Address by Julia Bruk (Artists Talk Back moderated by Peter Decherney)
  • 6:30 – 8 PM | Exhibition open and featuring works by SEVEN established and emerging New Media artists:
  • 8 PM | Opening Night Special Event for YidLive! An Evening of Comedy, Music and Thought-Provoking Shtick with Jamie Elman & Eli Batalion of YidLife Crisis

(Snacks and libations courtesy of Cooper Spirits)

Sunday, December 8

Classroom Sessions

Auditorium Sessions


What Is New Media?

We live in an extraordinary era for creating and sharing stories. The digital technologies, smart devices, and online platforms that enable us to shape the very nature of how we tell and experience stories today are called New Media.

Online streaming platforms, social media, web series, podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs and vlogs, virtual and augmented reality, interactive gaming, and multi-channel and single channel video installations are typical examples of what we consider New Media technologies today.

Communicating, sharing, and distributing stories through these digital channels result in far-reaching implications in society, education, entertainment, business, and politics.