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Sunday, November 8
Time: 3 pm
Location: The Gershman Y
This year’s program of comedic and dramatic shorts promises to be our best yet!


dear god - 2 cropDEAR GOD
Directed By Erez Tadmor & Guy Nattiv
Starring Lior Ashkenazi, Reymond Amsalem
Israel | 2014 | 13 min
In Hebrew with English subtitles
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DEAR GOD introduces us to Aaron, a daytime guard of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. While seemingly a simple man, Aaron has the power to make people’s innermost wishes come true.

short on cashSHORT ON CASH
Directed by Nadav Schlomo Giladi
Starring Lior Ashkenazi, Einat Weitzman
Israel |2015 |19 min
In Hebrew with English subtitles
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Down-on-his-luck Eli and his dopey cousin decide to rob a bank in SHORT ON CASH. But will an uncooperative group of hostages, including a bitter ex-girlfriend, waylay Eli’s plan?

the tailorTHE TAILOR
Directed by Gordon Grinberg
Starring Adam Lerman, James LaRosa, Mary Francina Golden, and Stephanie Gehre
USA | 2011 | 6 min


It’s that old Marcus Pincus joke, or is it? Culture and confusion collide on a Brooklyn street in this hilariously charming tale of making connections despite our differences.

Directed by David and Danny Scheinmann
Starring Nigel Lindsay, Julia Rayner, Richard Katz
17 min | 2014 | 17 min
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Jason and Olivia are stuck in a joyless marriage in THE DIVORCE and want out. When they seek support from their Rabbi, he challenges them with a unique plan of his own.


Directed by Bracha Yaniger
Israel | 2014 | 20 min
In Hebrew with English subtitles
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Each month Michal dips herself in the Mikveh as part of a religious ritual that allows her to have sexual relations with her husband. But when the long-awaited night arrives, and nothing happens between them, Michal is forced to confront the truth about the sanctity of marriage.

Directed by Andreas Henn
Germany | 2013 | 23 minutes
In German with English subtitles
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As this season’s FORBIDDEN FILMS proves, the Nazis loved making movies. But have you ever wondered if in the midst of all that killing and propagandizing, if the Nazis ever got around to seeing Charlie Chaplain’s The Great Dictator?” The answer is no less than GREAT.

A good storyA GOOD STORY
Directed by Martin Christopher Bode
Germany | 2013 | 20 minutes

Helga Landowsky will pay any price to purchase an old antique jug in Goerlitz. But the seller doesn’t want cash – he only wants A Good Story.


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