Lisa Finkelstein


Lisa Finkelstein is the Managing Director of Slalom Consulting. She has over 30 years of global strategic business transformation and consulting experience. She works with leaders to transform how they lead to drive excellence, compete in a disruptive business environment, and navigate transformation and build for the future. She develops innovative solutions to complex business challenges, creates assets to redesign organizations for growth, and focuses on quantifiable business impact.

Lisa is globally recognized as an industry-thought leader and has provided her insights to Harvard Business Publishing on Leading in Times of Crisis, Driving Change, Breaking Decision-Making Bottlenecks, and Foundations of Great Teamwork. She has presented at conferences on topics including Innovation, Leadership, People Strategy, and I&D as a Business Accelerator.

Lisa is known for her deep insights that bring out people’s hidden leadership talents to improve business performance, build high performing teams and drive innovation. She received her MBA from The Wharton School and her BA from the University of Pennsylvania. She is also an Executive Board member of the ADL and a co-founder of the Black Jewish Alliance of the ADL.