Matthew Flisfeder


Matthew Flisfeder is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications at the University of Winnipeg. He is also a Faculty Researcher associated with the Cultural Studies Research Group at the University of Winnipeg and an Associate Member of the Yeats School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University.

His research and teaching deal with media and cultural studies, and he has research and teaching interests in communication and cultural theory, critical media studies, comparative critical theory, and social and political theory. His latest book, Postmodern Theory and Blade Runner, introduces readers to key concepts in postmodern theory and shows how it can be used for a critical analysis of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

He has published widely in journals such as the South Atlantic Quarterly, Cinema Journal, Cultural Politics, CiNéMAS, TOPIA, PUBLIC, Subjectivity, the Canadian Journal of Film Studies, and cineACTION.