Omer Tobi


Omer Tobi is a writer/director and was born in 1989‭ ‬to parents of Moroccan and Tunisian origin‭. ‬He has directed commercials and music videos for Israel’s top artists and his first drama series‭, ‬commissioned by Israel’s largest broadcaster‭, ‬is currently in production‭. ‬
Tobi’s work as part of Arisa‭, ‬a Tel-Aviv party collective which he founded‭, ‬was lauded by Haaretz as‭ ‬“one of the most positive and optimistic changes to have occurred in Israeli culture in general.” ‬His video work has been screened all over the globe‭ – ‬from Tokyo to the Sao Paolo Mix-Brasil Film Festival‭. ‬He currently resides in Jaffa‭.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬