Picture of His Life


Opening Night

Saturday, November 9, 2019
7:30 PM @ Philadelphia Film Center

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Director: Dani Menkin and Yonatan Nir
Genre: Documentary Feature
Country: Israel/USA/Canada
Year: 2019
Running Time: 1 hr 12 min
Language: English, Hebrew and Inuktitut with English subtitles

Sponsored by: Mary and Stuart Kahn

Philadelphia Premiere
World-renowned Israeli wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum is gearing up for the most challenging expedition of his career: photographing a polar bear in his natural habitat, underwater in the Canadian Arctic. The 65-year-old Jaffa-born photographer has long been fascinated by the spectacular beauty of nature and its most striking creatures. Having communed with sharks, killer whales, crocodiles and the like, his photographs have been featured in the world’s leading nature magazines. His expeditions have also received widespread acclaim for their attempts to dispel the myth of “dangerous” wildlife and demonstrate the joy of harmonious interactions between man and animal. Approaching his subjects with utmost respect and admiration has enabled Nachoum to achieve a rare level of intimacy and solace in his imagery, allowing for the full splendor of these animals to shine through.

In this fascinating portrait of a man dedicated to his photographic dream, filmmakers Dani Menkin and GPJFF alumnus Yonatan Nir, with the support of producer Nancy Spielberg, follow Nachoum on his quest to get the “picture of his life,” an undertaking deemed extraordinarily daring by even the photographer himself. As the journey unfolds, we learn of the infinite patience, preparation, and sacrifice that goes into the making of his work and the passion that drives this self-professed “soldier of Mother Nature” in his perilous quest for redemption and inner peace.

Special Guest:

  • Peter Decherney | Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Dani Menkin | Co-Director of PICTURE OF HIS LIFE


Official Selection:

  • Docaviv
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Audience Award:

  • Audience Award | San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
  • Audience Award | Syracuse International Film Festival