Robert Selkin


Dr. Bobby Selkin grew up on Long Island in New York. He went to college in New York at Union College and went to medical school in New York at Albany Medical College. Bobby went on to become an eye surgeon and did his training in New York and Boston.

After years of performing eye surgeries, Bobby decided to do something that would have a more direct impact on those in need in his community and began working with high school students to create opportunities to reach college. To accomplish that, Bobby became a volunteer lacrosse coach at Charlotte Secondary School, a charter school in Charlotte, North Carolina, with many kids at the poverty level. He introduced the sport of lacrosse to kids who had never heard the word before. The program is free for the players.

This year, Bobby will be the varsity coach, the JV coach, and the middle school coach. His wife and he have opened their home to kids in need of a secure environment in which they can progress in their education. Bobby also became a volunteer SAT prep teacher at Charlotte Secondary School to help kids who were not lacrosse players.