Sabena Hijacking – My Version


Sabena Hijacking 1 cropSABENA HIJACKING – MY VERSION
Saturday, October 10
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: The Gershman Y
Premiere Status: US Premiere
Director: Rani Sa’ar
Genre: Docudrama
Country: Israel
Year: 2014
Running Time: 100 min
Language: Hebrew, English, Arabic and French with English subtitles

Recounting the dramatic events of May 8, 1972, SABENA HIJACKING – MY VERSION is the true story of the hijacking of the Vienna-to-Tel Aviv Sabena flight 571 by four armed Palestinian “Black September” terrorists (the same terrorist group that would go on to massacre eleven Israeli Olympic team members and one German police officer four months later in Munich). For thirty nerve-wracking hours, the passengers and crew of Sabena 571 were held hostage in their seats, threatened to be blown to pieces if Israel refused to cooperate with demands to release over 300 Palestinian prisoners. Based on Sabena pilot Reginald Levy’s first-person account as well as the testimony of several passengers who survived the harrowing ordeal, SABENA HIJACKING – MY VERSION presents a compelling cinematic reenactment of the events, weaving genuine archival material and exclusive interviews with three revered Israeli political leaders who were in charge of the rescue effort. Suspenseful and riveting, this fast-paced docudrama was a finalist for the 2015 Ophir Awards (Israeli Academy Awards).

Guest Speaker: Samuel Dinnar, Director, Mediator, and Negotiation Professional at Meedance and at the Program On Negotiation at Harvard Law School

Community Partner: The Collaborative, Beth David Reform Congregation, and Philly Israel