Shalom Italia



Film & Food
Philadelphia Premiere

Thursday, November 17
 11:00 AM
The Gershman Y

Director: Tamar Tal Anati
Genre: Documentary Feature
Country: Israel and Germany
Year: 2016
Running Time: 71 min
Language: Hebrew and Italian w/ English subtitles

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During WWII, Emmanuel, Andrea, and Bubi, three Italian Jewish brothers, spent several of their formative years hiding in a man-made cave built by their father in the Tuscan mountains while the Nazis occupied Italy. Seventy years later, Bubi, the youngest of the trio, gathers his brothers for an unforgettable family reunion in the hopes of rediscovering the mysterious cave that saved their family from being deported to the camps.

Retracing their steps and intimate experiences during the war, the brothers, now as different as can be, bond and deliberate over the veracity of their memories, sharing hearty conversations and equally robust Italian meals along the way. From early morning breakfasts to a late night Shabbas feast, the food of their homeland evolves into the centerpiece of Bubi, Andrea, and Emmanuel’s adventures through Tuscany. Facing the limitations of their imperfect memories and the physical setbacks of their aging bodies, the brothers resolve to accomplish their goal, come mozzarella or prosciutto! Joking and arguing aside, these kindred spirits spend countless hours trekking through the thick Tuscan forest to create a new memory, one that will serve as the basis for a brotherly bond that will remain the rest of their lives.

Directed by Tamar Tal Anati (the award-winning director of Life in Stills), SHALOM ITALIA, filled with humor, food, and Tuscan landscapes, is a charming and poignant documentary that straddles the boundary between history and myth – both equally pivotal in forming our individual and collective identities.

Guest Speakers: Post-film Skype interview with Andreas Anati, Actor of film; Ruben Anati, Actor of film; Tamar Tal Anati, Director of film

Special Event: Film followed by discussion and Italian brunch curated by Gran Caffe L’Aquila and inspired by the cuisine featured in the film (dessert and wine included with ticket).

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Subjects: Brotherly bonds, family, family history, food, Italy, memories, survival, Tuscany, WWII

For Fans Of: Family dramas, food documentaries, heroism, Holocaust documentaries, Italian cuisine, Italian landscapes, psychological films, survival stories

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