Standing Up, Falling Down


Closing Night

Saturday, November 23, 2019
7:30 PM @ Philadelphia Film Center

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Director: Matt Ratner
Genre: Narrative Feature
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Running Time: 1 hr 31 min
Language: English

Board Sponsored by: Mickey and Barbara Black; Libby S. Harwitz and Burton Blender

Sponsored by: Susanna Lachs and Dean Adler

Philadelphia Premiere
It takes courage to admit that you failed at something, especially when that something is what you’ve based your whole identity on your entire adult life. Scott Rollins (Ben Schwartz) has spent the past four years in Los Angeles chasing his dream of being a stand-up comic. What was not part of his plan: moving back to Long Island, being nearly broke, and living under the same roof with his folks at age 34. While his best friend and ex-girlfriend are busy adulting with their new families, Scott is busy pleading with his mother to refrain from walking in on him when he’s trying to use the bathroom. On one of his first nights back in town — in need of a good place to lay low and lick his proverbial wounds — he ends up kicking back a few at the neighborhood bar. It’s there that he first meets Marty (Billy Crystal), his soon-to-be dermatologist, and an unlikely friendship ensues.

Easily the life of the party, Scott enjoys spending time with his witty and eccentric new pal. While it’s clearly not Marty’s first time at the rodeo, Scott views his energy and lust for life akin to someone half his age. However, as their unexpected connection evolves, Scott learns that Marty’s larger-than-life personality and alcoholism mask some of his own regrets and personal struggles.

Matt Ratner’s tender and warm-hearted feature debut is anchored by its leads’ fabulous rapport and Crystal’s boundless charisma. An ode to life’s ephemeral friendships and the ways in which these fleeting moments of connection can deepen and change our lives, STANDING UP, FALLING DOWN, will keep you smiling long after leaving the theater.

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Special Guest: Sam Adams | Senior Editor of Slate Magazine and Editor Brow Beat BeatSlate Magazine‘s culture blog

Official Selection:

  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
  • Tribeca Film Festival