Tikkun Olam and Social Media


Sunday, December 8
2 – 2:50 PM @ National Museum of American Jewish History

Tikkun Olam is a Jewish concept defined by acts of kindness performed to repair the world. While approximately 70% of American Jews today believe that pursuing justice and equality is a key tenant of their Jewish identity, the notion of helping to make the world a better place is an idea as old as Rabbinic Judaism itself. Espoused by the prophets who drew from the Torah, the phrase tikkun olam appears in both the Mishnah and the prayer “Aleinu.” While an undoubtedly important aspect of Jewish life through the ages — with the advent of new media and digital technology — Jewish activism has seen a resurgence.

In this panel, Dr. Elliot Ratzman joins activists Lizzie Horne and Sarah Barasch-Hagans for a conversation about Jewish activism – past, present, and future. How has new media and digital technology changed or benefited the landscape of Jewish activism today?