To Life (À La Vie)


Sunday, November 15
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Reel Cinemas Narberth 2
Premiere Status: Philadelphia Premiere
Jean-Jacques Zilbermann
Genre: Narrative
Country: France
Year: 2014
Running Time: 104 min
Languages: French with English subtitles


Director Jean-Jacques Zilbermann’s TO LIFE (À LA VIE) is a poignant dramedy about three strangers-turned friends who helped each other survive Auschwitz. Following the liberation of the camp in 1945, Hélène (Julie Depardieu), Lili (Johanna ter Steege), and Rose (Suzanne ClŽment) go their separate ways before reuniting 15 years later. In the French beach town of Berck-Plage, they finally meet again for a week of re-connection and soaking up the sun. Attaining respite from their usual lives and roles, the women share their first true meal together, confide in one another about their lovers and romantic aspirations, and help one another come to terms with their own tragic experience at the camp. Perhaps what is most endearing about TO LIFE‘s three protagonists is their sincere desire to be recognized as survivors, rather than victims. With the aid of Zilbermann’s breezy sixties French aesthetic, we can’t help but take pleasure in watching these women lose themselves to the moment, celebrating their summer of reinvention and love.

Special Guest: Sara H. Wenger, M.S. will lead the Post-Film discussion

Community Partners: Holocaust Remembrance Foundation, Main Line Reform Temple, Temple Sinai