To Life! Auf Das Leben!


Auf das LebenTo Life! Auf Das Leben!
Sunday, October 11
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Congregation Beth Or
Premiere Status: Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Uwe Janson
Genre: Narrative
Country: Germany
Year: 2014
Running Time: 90 min
Language: German with English subtitles                                                                                                              buy-tickets-button

Uwe Janson’s TO LIFE! AUF DAS LEBEN! introduces us to the evocative and complex Ruth Weintraub (Hannelore Elsner), a retired Yiddish cabaret singer who repairs musical instruments for a living. Upon being evicted from her longtime apartment and forced into a retirement complex, Ruth meets Johan (Max Riemelt), a young German laborer on the run, who is tasked with moving her possessions. Bearing a strong resemblance to someone Ruth used to know, Johan brings back vivid memories for Ruth, memories that are still painful to recall. In turn, there is something about Ruth that intrigues Johan and piques his curiosity. After an incident which could have ended very badly for Ruth if not for Johan’s intervention, the two develop a powerful bond that gradually changes the way both see their future.

With intensely moving renditions of Yiddish music classics that have been re-recorded and newly interpreted for this film, TO LIFE! AUF DAS LEBEN! is an emotional powerhouse not to be missed!

Post-film discussion led by Rabbi David Gerber of Congregation Beth Or

Community Partner: Congregation Beth Or, Ambler Theater, Beth David Reform Congregation, and Gratz College