Todd Solondz


Todd Solondz has established himself as a consistently engaging and unique filmmaker, as opposed to just one more cookie-cutter conformist director making his movies on the Hollywood assembly line. He is a real writer and filmmaker, agent provocateur, and a force with which to be reckoned.

Solondz found great critical acclaim with his second feature, Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995), a film about the cruelty of junior high school, parents, adult figures, and suburban life. The film won awards at Sundance, Berlin, and countless other festivals for its cruel realism, bitter humor, and unflinching portrayal of adolescence.

His third feature effort, Happiness (1998), is a wildly edgy and provocative film that revolves around a group of people who are miserable in their conventional lifestyles and pursue happiness in various forms of perverse sexuality. Once again, the film was lauded with numerous awards and strong critical praise.