When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit


Holocaust Remembrance Day Screening

Monday, April 20, 2020
7 PM @ Philadelphia Film Center

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Director: Caroline Link
Genre: Narrative Feature
Country: Germany/Switzerland
Year: 2019
Running Time: 1 hr 59 min
Language: German, Swiss German, French and English with English subtitles

Philadelphia Premiere
Based on the best-selling, semi-autobiographical novel by Judith Kerr, WHEN HITLER STOLE PINK RABBIT is a marvelous new film from the Academy Award-winning director of Nowhere in Africa (2001).

In 1933, precocious and carefree nine-year-old Anna (the astounding Riva Krymalowski) senses something amiss in Berlin when her father, Arthur Kemper (Oliver Masucci), a well-known Jewish journalist, goes missing. When he flees to Zurich on account of his unfavorable critique of Hitler, Anna, her mother, Dorothea (Carla Juri), and older brother, Max (Marinus Hohmann), each pack a suitcase and embark on a years-long journey to join Arthur in Switzerland, Paris, and London. Forced to leave behind her favorite pink rabbit with her beloved maid and confidant, Heimpi (Ursula Werner), Anna must find the courage to face a new life filled with challenge and uncertainty.

Packed with stunning visuals and sweeping cinematography, Caroline Link’s engrossing adaptation of Kerr’s beloved children’s book offers an intimate window into the experience of German Jewish refugees who left their country just before the war.

Trailer (no subtitles):

Official Selection:

  • Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
  • Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival
  • Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival
  • Miami Jewish Film Festival
  • New York Jewish Film Festival